Project Assessment & Recovery

Project Assessment & Recovery

This advanced course is designed to help the project manager to evaluate the “health” of their projects and assess current status quickly, accurately and easily. Every project is a risky endeavor. The experience and knowledge of the project manager can make the difference between a successfully completed project or one that is a failure. You will first learn how to assess the health of your project(s) in order to determine if recovery is necessary. This often involves some kind of root cause analysis. If recovery is necessary in order to meet target objectives, you will learn how to plan, execute and manage the recovery plan. You will also learn about the risks associated with a recovery plan as well as the project trade-offs that will be necessary due to the project’s constraints. This is an essential course for every project manager.

Course objectives include:

  • Determine if your project is on track
  • Perform variance analysis 
  • Identify and select appropriate recovery alternatives
  • Develop a recovery strategy and plan acceptable to key stakeholders
  • Evaluate recovery risks and develop response plans
  • Optimize your recovery plan within project constraints


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