Leading Project Teams

Leading Project Teams

Effective project leadership is directly proportionate to your ability to manage, motivate and direct the project team.  There are challenges unique to project teams.  Often project teams are cross-functional and rarely does the project manager have direct authority over them.  In addition, team members roll off and join the project as dictated by the project schedule.  The team composition changes frequently which makes team building challenging.

Soft skills are essential for every project manager.  These include leadership, facilitation, communication, motivation, influencing and problem solving.  Through individual and team exercises, you'll have the opportunity to identify your own styles and pick up on clues regarding the preferred styles of others.  This will improve your working relationships.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the differences between managing and leading
  • Assess the organization's structure and culture to determine appropriate styles
  • Using communication techniques that promote understanding and minimize conflict
  • Phases of team developing and what to expect in each phase
  • Understand social, learning and decision making styles and how they influence team development


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