Solving Project Problems

Solving Project Problems (SPP)

We are making more decisions with less research or analysis today than at any other time in history.  Poor decision making skills and problem solving skills cost businesses millions of dollars every year.  Traditional project management training tends to limit its focus on the “HOW” and “WHEN” issues of a project such as scheduling, budget and risk while ignoring the importance of the "WHY" and "WHAT" issues of the project. No project is without its challenges.  Your ability to determine the appropriate actions required to address the problem and gain the buy-in from the right team members is key to your success as a project manager.

Many people buy into the myth that these skills can't be learned.  That simply isn't true.  There's plenty of science behind the problem solving and decision making (PSDM) discipline and you'll learn how to use the right tools for the situation.  An interesting twist is that students are asked to bring current problems with them and we'll apply the tools to help you make progress on them!

Course objectives include:

  • Understanding the difference between a symptom and a problem
  • Utilize cause analysis tools (Deviation and Distinction analysis, Force Field analysis)
  • Techniques to improve team effectiveness especially in meetings
  • How to handle people problems
  • Methods to help you prioritize criteria to support good decision making
  • Alternative generation techniques (brainstorming, Nominal Group)


Sample Modal Window

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